Leadership Info

rebels-logo-colorsThe Central Oregon Disc Golf Club has established a Leadership Team to help assist in club matters. The Leadership Team meets once a month at various locations to discuss all things club related. Four times per year the Leadership Team hosts a public meeting for anyone interested in submitting feedback, questions, comments, etc regarding the club. Minutes from our meetings are posted below.

Our current Leadership Team is as follows:

Treasurer: Mike Ruzicka
Membership Coordinator: Mike Beshore
Secretary: Sally West
Member at Large: Ryan Lane
Social Media: Matt Hubbell
Website: Carey Dod
Fundraising Coordinator: Eric Henderson
Other Leadership Team Members: Jeff Myers, Dylan Sigstedt

Course Coordinators:
Hyzer Pines Sisters: Steve Corfield
Pine Nursery Bend: Brian Belle
Dry Canyon Redmond: Justin Ringer
Coyotes Den Crooked River Ranch: Jim Tobish

Open Positions:
Events coordinator
Course Coordinators for Black Butte Ranch, and Juniper Hills Madras

Interested in filling an open position or joining the leadership team in some capacity? Please Contact Us today!

2014 Meeting Minutes

March (Public Meeting)
June (Public Meeting)

2013 Meeting Minutes

December (Public Meeting)

Rebels Ace Hall of Fame


2014 Aces

Pine Nursery DGC

jon-aceJon Duncan - Pine Nursery DGC - Hole 8 Short - March 24, 2014


Want to be included in the Rebels Ace Hall of Fame? Here's how:

  1. You need to be a club member in good standing with current membership fees paid. Sign up for membership here.
  2. Your ace needs to be at an established course in Central Oregon or out of the area. No renegade courses will be allowed.
  3. Your ace needs to be verified/witnessed by at least one other person, preferably 2 or more.
  4. We would encourage you to submit a picture of you holding the ace scoring disc next to the basket the ace was scored on for inclusion on the site.

Submit Your Ace

Disc Golf Supplies

The following retail outlets sell disc golf supplies in Central Oregon:

chux-plastic-logoChux Plastic
117 NW Oregon Ave, Bend, Oregon 97701
Downtown Bend, inside of Earth Fire Art
New and used discs, baskets, bags and more
Carrying the following brands: DGA, Discraft, Gateway, Innova, Latitude 64, Legacy, Prodigy, Disc Mania, and Millennium



PineMtnLogoPine Mtn. Sports
255 SW Century Dr., Bend, Oregon 97702
Westside Bend
New discs and starter bags
Carrying the following brands: Innova



gear-fix-logoGear Fix
345 SW Century Dr., Bend, Oregon 97702
Westside Bend
New and used discs, various other used equipment and items (varies)
Carrying the following brands: Vibram (new), and multiple other used brands



mountain-supply-logoMountain Supply
834 NW Colorado Ave., Bend, Oregon 97701
Old Mill District Bend
New discs and starter bags
Carrying the following brands: Discraft



1441 Chandler Dr. Suite 101, Bend, Oregon 97702
Southwest Bend
New discs
Carrying the following brands: MVP



hyzer-hutHyzer Hut
100 Bend River Mall Ave. Suite #104, Bend, OR  97701
North Bend. Kiosk located in Mother Goose Resale
New discs and used discs
Carrying the following brands: Innova F2 (new), Discraft (new), Vibram (new), Gateway (new), and multiple other used brands



182 E Hood Ave, Sisters, Oregon 97759
Downtown Sisters
New discs
Carrying the following brands: Innova



380 Powerhouse Dr., Bend, OR 97702
Old Mill District Bend
New discs, starter bags, practice baskets
Carrying the following brands: Innova and Vibram



dicks-logoDick's Sporting Goods
63455 N Highway 97, Suite 8, Bend, OR 97701
Cascade Village Shopping Center, north Bend
New discs, starter bags, practice baskets
Carrying the following brands: Innova



sportsmans-logoSportsman's Warehouse
63492 Hunnell Rd., Bend, OR 97701
North Bend
New discs and starter bags
Carrying the following brands: Innova



big-5-logoBig 5 Sporting Goods

61545 South Highway 97, Bend, OR 97702
South Bend
2925 South Highway 97, Suite 100, Redmond, OR 97756
South Redmond
New discs and starter bags
Carrying the following brands: Innova



gateway-logoGateway Disc Sports
Multiple locations carry new Gateway discs, including:

The COCC Bookstore, 2600 NW College Way, Bend OR 97701, 541.383.7570
US Market, 2625 NE Butler Market Rd, Bend, OR 97701, 541.388.8189
Expressway Store, 1450 SE Reed Market Rd, Bend, OR 97702, 541.389.0933
Circle K, Chevron Bend, 1400 NW College Way, Bend, OR 97701, 541.388.4489
Chevron Redmond, 2005 U.S. 97, Redmond, OR 97756, 541.548.6337
MWS Sports, 3rd St., Bend, OR
Trading Post, Crooked River Ranch, OR
Chevron/Circle K, E. Highway 20, Bend, OR
The Gear Peddler, Bend, OR
Deschutes River Market, Deschutes River Woods, Bend, OR


If you know of a location in Central Oregon that sells disc golf supplies that is not listed above please Contact Us

2014 Bag Tags


2014 Bag Tag Finals have concluded. Players are still welcome to participate in Bag Tag Challenges for the remainder of 2014.

2015 Bag Tag information coming soon...

Interested in purchasing a Bag Tag? Bag Tags are for sale at most CODGC sanctioned events. Or you can contact us to purchase a tag.



  1. Everyone is on his/her honor to conduct themselves according to the rules and within the spirit of competition. Have FUN. It is only a Bag Tag.
  2. Players shall display their Bag Tags while playing disc golf. 
  3. If a Bag Tag is lost, the number will not be reproduced. Players can purchase a replacement Bag Tag at full cost. (See Bag Tag Finance section item 1)
  4. Tag holders must play a minimum of two battles and at least two different opponents per calendar month.
  5. Players holding tags #1-20 must report battle results to the club when tags are exchanged. The winner of the battle is responsible for reporting the results. 
  6. Report a battle via CODGC facebook page or by texting Dylan Sigstedt @ 541-390-8408. Please call if you have any questions.


  1. A limited run of 100 tags are available until sold. Additional tags will not be produced.
  2. Tags cost $10 each. 2014 CODGC dues paid “current” club members can purchase one tag each at half cost ($5). Replacement tags are sold at full cost, no discount is available.
    Club Membership Info Here, Online Membership Registration Here
  3. $1 from each tag sold is returned to club as fundraiser
  4. All additional funds generated from tag sales are allocated to finals purse (See Finals section items 1-4)


  1. Challenges can be made at any time.
  2. The higher Bag Tag number (player) challenges the lower Bag Tag number. Challenges SHALL be verbally agreed upon at the beginning of EACH round, including FORMAT. If the challenger wins the round, the tags are exchanged.
  3. Challenges are to be made by choosing times, dates, and courses that are reasonable and when both players are available. 
  4. The challenged player picks the course, tees, and format.
  5. EVENTS: Tags are exchanged within your group only, unless a specific challenge is agreed to by multiple groups prior to the start of the round. Tags are in effect by default during club sanctioned individual stroke play events, league, etc.
  6. TIES: Won by the holder of the lowest Bag Tag at the start of the challenge.
  7. PLAYING: An acceptable course should be located in an approved area and have uniform targets at standard height and size, and well defined and manicured tees.
  8. INCOMPLETE ROUND: If play is stopped before the round is complete, no Bag Tags are exchanged unless agreed upon. This could be due to hazardous weather, physical emergency or mutual agreement.

Puttapalooza 2014


This one night only putting event will feature 18 temp baskets to be set-up in a wild and challenging course throughout the Downtown Bend location of the Boys & Girls Club. Get the rare opportunity to practice your putts in an enclosed venue all while having some fun! There will be distance putts, elevation putts, putts through mandos, and many other challenging and crazy putting shots…

The event will start at 5:00 p.m. and run until 9:00 p.m.- you can play as many rounds as you would like within that timeframe. Rounds are 18 holes, $5 per round per person for the first round, $3 for each additional round, or play 3 rounds for $10. 

Finals: All players who play at least 3 rounds can opt to submit their best scoring round to qualify for the finals. The 5 players with the lowest one round score that are present at 8:30 pm (tiebreaker is cumulative three round total score) will compete in the finals, there will be no additional charge for the final round. The final round will consist of a 5 hole safari round, the player with the least amount of throws will be considered the winner and awarded the grand prize. In the event of a tie a tiebreaker round will be completed as follows: sudden death starting on hole one of the 5 hole final safari course.

There will be no divisions, the event is not a PDGA sanctioned event.


  1. One round is 18 holes and each round costs $5 per person for the first round, $3 per person for each additional round, or $10 for 3 rounds with a chance to play in the finals.
    (No group or family rates will be available)
  2. For each round players will start at the sign-up table, register for the round and be given a scorecard and map of the layout.
  3. Players can only use ONE putt & approach disc of their choosing. Putt & approach discs are the ONLY discs that will be allowed for play. No drivers, fairway drivers, or mid-range discs will be allowed for play.
  4. Groups of up to 4 will play through the marked course keeping track of their group’s scores and turning in their scorecards post round play.
  5. Players on each card will be self-chosen.
  6. Each round is played just like a standard round of disc golf is played: first throw from the designated “tee” box and if the shot misses the basket then a second (third, etc.) throw is done and number of throws is then tallied on the scorecard.
  7. Final score is determined by the number of throws total for the round.
  8. Individuals can play as many rounds as they would like within the 3 hour time-frame. Last call for play will be made at 8:00 p.m. No further rounds can be registered to be played after that time.
  9. From the group of players that submit cards for the finals, the 5 players with the lowest one round score will play in a final round. The final round will be free of charge and will consist of a 5 hole safari round.
  10. All players who qualify for the finals will win prizes. The winner of the finals will be awarded the grand prize: one practice basket.

For more info contact Carey Dod: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.