2014 Bag Tags


Interested in purchasing a Bag Tag? Bag Tags are for sale at most CODGC sanctioned events. Or you can contact us to purchase a tag.



  1. Everyone is on his/her honor to conduct themselves according to the rules and within the spirit of competition. Have FUN. It is only a Bag Tag.
  2. Players shall display their Bag Tags while playing disc golf. 
  3. If a Bag Tag is lost, the number will not be reproduced. Players can purchase a replacement Bag Tag at full cost. (See Bag Tag Finance section item 1)
  4. Tag holders must play a minimum of two battles and at least two different opponents per calendar month.
  5. Players holding tags #1-20 must report battle results to the club when tags are exchanged. The winner of the battle is responsible for reporting the results. 
  6. Report a battle via CODGC facebook page or by texting Dylan Sigstedt @ 541-390-8408. Please call if you have any questions.


  1. A limited run of 100 tags are available until sold. Additional tags will not be produced.
  2. Tags cost $10 each. 2014 CODGC dues paid “current” club members can purchase one tag each at half cost ($5). Replacement tags are sold at full cost, no discount is available.
    Club Membership Info Here, Online Membership Registration Here
  3. $1 from each tag sold is returned to club as fundraiser
  4. All additional funds generated from tag sales are allocated to finals purse (See Finals section items 1-4)


  1. Challenges can be made at any time.
  2. The higher Bag Tag number (player) challenges the lower Bag Tag number. Challenges SHALL be verbally agreed upon at the beginning of EACH round, including FORMAT. If the challenger wins the round, the tags are exchanged.
  3. Challenges are to be made by choosing times, dates, and courses that are reasonable and when both players are available. 
  4. The challenged player picks the course, tees, and format.
  5. EVENTS: Tags are exchanged within your group only, unless a specific challenge is agreed to by multiple groups prior to the start of the round. Tags are in effect by default during club sanctioned individual stroke play events, league, etc.
  6. TIES: Won by the holder of the lowest Bag Tag at the start of the challenge.
  7. PLAYING: An acceptable course should be located in an approved area and have uniform targets at standard height and size, and well defined and manicured tees.
  8. INCOMPLETE ROUND: If play is stopped before the round is complete, no Bag Tags are exchanged unless agreed upon. This could be due to hazardous weather, physical emergency or mutual agreement.


  1. FINALS bag tag challenge is a match play format event scheduled for Saturday, November 1 at Hyzer Pines DGC in Sisters, OR. This final event is limited to 32 players. Lowest tag holders that are present will get the spots.
  2. BRACKETS for the final event will be sorted by tag number during registration on day of event. Lowest tag will receive #1 seed, highest tag will receive final seed. Lower tags will receive priority first round bye if uneven amount of players are in attendance.
  3. FORMAT for the finals is a head-to-head (two players) "race to three" skins match. Skins can be earned on each hole by the player that completes that hole in the fewest number of strokes. Skins do not carry over – if a tie occurs on a hole, play continues on the next hole. The first player to earn three skins will win the match and advance. The loser is eliminated. (Yes, single elimination.) A match that continues for nine holes is awarded to the player with the highest amount of skins upon completion of the ninth hole of play. If the players are tied after nine holes, play continues in sudden death format until a winner can be declared.
  4. ENTRY for the finals is $5 and does not include $1 optional acepot. The elite 8 will all receive cash payout. Final four losers will playoff for 3rd place title.